For Art’s Sake 2023 presents 80 new artworks reimagining famous and iconic Western art, with a twist.

Living in Southeast Asia, the Western world has long had an immense influence on how we live – from the lasting impact of colonial rule, to the cultural dominance of Western media until now.

So we thought, what if we took their art and “GOFY’d” it up? 

By injecting modern Southeast Asian flavour and style into these masterpieces from across art movements and history, this collection aims to playfully explore our Southeast Asian identity and collective experience, while reflecting on the universality of art.

As we pay a cheeky homage to the influence of Western canon artworks, we simultaneously celebrate our roots by forging our own path. While you enjoy the artworks, you’ll find that Southeast Asia’s rich diversity yet “same same but different” quality makes us unlike any other. 

For Art's Sake 2023 was presented as an exhibition at 20 homegrown businesses island-wide from 14 October 2023 to 28 January 2024. 


Full list of 20 participating venues (in alphabetical order):
808 Eating House | Butter  | Caffe Pralet  | Fingers Crossed Studio  | Foxtail  | Frosted by Fang   | Headquarters  | JUICE  | Moonstone Bar  | MurcyArt Gallery  | Naga House  | Offtrack  | Palm Ave Float Club  | Projector X: No Spoilers Bar  | Rookie's Coffee Shop  | The Maha Co Taco Bar  | Trapeze Rec. Club  | Two Men Bagel House (Holland Village)  | Two Men Bagel House (Joo Chiat)  | Yeast Side (King Albert Park)


Full list of 63 exhibiting artists (in alphabetical order):
Anna Du Toit (SG) | artofpatoo (PH) | Aryan Arora (SG)    | Asher Yeo (SG)    | Ashley Seow (SG)    | Auracherrybag (TH)    | Bbblob (SG)    | Bryan Lim Junyan (SG)    | Cawand Dien (MY)    | Chein Shyan Lee (MY)    | Cyrill Acuña (PH)    | Eberta Sulistyaningrum (ID)    | Eddy EDXZA (SG)    | Ennuh Tiu (PH)    | Erin Dwia (ID)    | Eunice Siow (SG)    | Fahmi Sedek (SG)    | Fartboil (TH)    | Fivust (ID)    | Grasshopper (MY)    | Haranikala (PH)    | Hello Jayne (SG)    | JC Lo (PH)    | Jill Tran (VN)    | John Henry (SG)    | ke ai de ke (MY)    | Keith Ang (SG)    | Kelley Lim (SG)    | Koalanov (PH)    | Mahaputra Vito (ID)    | Mahdi Albart (ID)    | Manh Hung (Jim) (VN)    | marco torrijos (PH)    | Marse Lee (PH)    | Meg Severino (SG)    | metal upa (SG)    | Mister Box (ID)    | MTLG (MY)    | Mulo (MY)    | Nadia So (ID)    | Nadya Noor (ID)    | Nat Kunyapat (TH)    | Phoebe Ting (SG)    | Phua Juan Yong (SG)    | Phuongsongdep (VN)    | PRAWR (TH)    | Quatro Los Baños (PH)    | Rommel Cahilo (PH)    | Salmoncartoon (ID)    | Sandy Ang (SG)    | Selah Viee (PH)    | Sherchle (ID)    | Sippinpurp (TH)    | Somewan (SG)    | Tanpopoe (TH)    | Tess Moh (SG)    | The Next Most Famous Artist (SG)    | Trang Dang (VN/SG)    | Trust Ur Eyes (PH)    | Valen Lim (MY)    | Weims (SG)    | Wiliam Luong (VN)    | Ykha Amelz (ID)

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