(pronounced go-fee)

We breathe life into the everyday, and we believe art is for everybody.

GOFY is a lifestyle brand on a mission to put more South East Asian urban art into your home, because we believe your space deserves creativity. Whether you're an art-lover or simply want to add some boldness to your life, support our thriving South East Asian creative community with every purchase of our collectible art pieces. 


Our creative scene can sometimes be incredibly insular.

GOFY exists as a platform for SEA visual artists to gain presence outside of their usual network – criss-crossing communities, cultures and countries. Don’t be surprised if you discover your new favourite art piece while browsing our site. You’re welcome.


  • Kampong G(e)lamorous

    A “phygital” art installation experience that aimed to educate the public on Kampong Gelam’s vibrant history. Featuring a series of AR-enhanced artworks by emerging local artists, we told a modern story inspired by the rich and bustling history of the precinct. 
    Supported by National Heritage Board.
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  • Space Out! @ Downtown East

    SPACE OUT! brought free immersive Art x Tech experiences to the public, right in their neighbourhood. Installations included a series of VR painting artworks by local creators, an AR art mural and a large-scale outdoor interactive light projection.
    Supported by National Arts Council.
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  • Project #QRArt

    A community initiative that reimagined SafeEntry posters with art, to make contact tracing more fun and engaging for the public. The posters templates were made free-to-download, for businesses to insert their own QR codes.
    Supported by the OurSG Fund.
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