NUYOU (2024)

GOFY: A Singapore-grown Brand Making Southeast Asian Art Accessible to All

"GOFY insists on discovering emerging artists in Southeast Asia and integrating art into daily life at prices that most people can afford, so that art collecting is no longer a hobby exclusive to a few people."
(Translated from Mandarin)
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SG Magazine (2023)

For Art’s Sake 2023 introduces 80 affordable works by 63 SEA artists at 21 different venues

"GOFY returns with the second edition of For Art’s Sake (FAS) featuring 80 artworks by 63 emerging Southeast Asian (SEA) artists from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia."
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The Ladies Cue (2023)

TLC x Fempreneurs Series: Tiffany Soh (GOFY)

"Meet Tiffany, Co-Founder and Curator of GOFY. GOFY is an independent Singapore-grown creative community that discovers, celebrates, and unites artists from the Southeast Asian region."
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City Nomads (2023)

Making Arts Accessible: 'For Art's Sake' 2023 is Bringing Art to You

"Not your typical art gallery exhibition, the second edition of For Art's Sake by GOFY is bringing the gallery to you."
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National Heritage Board (2022)

Kampong G(e)lamorous

"From now till 2nd October, join us on our journey rediscovering Kampong Gelam’s heritage through a series of AR-enhanced artworks on MHC lawn."
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Adobo Magazine (2022)

Eight artists explore their pandemic experiences in South East Asia’s first collectible sticker magazine

"Singapore-grown creative collective GOFY is back with a new project championing emerging South East Asian urban artists, called World of Useless Stickers. The project showcases bold and unapologetic sticker art presented in the form of a collectible sticker magazine, free digital sticker packs for Telegram and Whatsapp, and merchandise."
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Danamic (2021)

Reimagine the West with “For Art’s Sake: Shaken & Stirred”

"The vibrant, yet chaotic, pop-up exhibition of “For Art’s Sake: Shaken & Stirred” will infiltrate 13 everyday spaces around Singapore. The work of these emerging Southeast Asian artists will be accessible from 5 February till 2 May 2021."
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Wai Lu Yin for Cedana Arts Writing Programme (2021)

Southeast Asia Meets West: Quenching The Thirst for Art’s Sake (Essay)

"We recognise artworks in exhibitions usually by recalling well-known Western artworks, iconic figures and events, and cultural references. Cultural imperialism and the history of colonialism in our part of the world mean that some of us are well-versed with Western art, but lack knowledge about Southeast Asian art, especially Malaysia.
Hence it is meaningful when artists, such as those featured in GOFY’s creative space, find ways to reintroduce their cultural roots and history in art while adding some Western elements that people can recognise."
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The Straits Times (2020)

S-E Asian artists lend their creativity to SafeEntry posters

"To spruce up SafeEntry posters while making art more accessible, home-grown creative collective GOFY has collaborated with 12 South-east Asian artists to create free artwork that can be used for such posters."
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Time Out Singapore (2020)

Project #QRArt reimagines the ordinary contact tracing posters into works of art

"This initiative offers a collection of free-to-download graphics for businesses to transform their run-of-the-mill contact tracing posters"
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Our SG (2020)

Creating a fun contact tracing experience

"The similar-looking SafeEntry posters we see every day have become the norm since the pandemic began. That’s when the inspiration sparked for Jason and Tiffany, the founders of GOFY"
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