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Digital Sticker Pack: Series One by Cat on Steroids

Digital Sticker Pack: Series One by Cat on Steroids

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COS Series One stickers present the slice of life of a regular cat – an introduction to who COS is: a simple red-blooded Cat on Steroids. “Eat, Sleep, Lift and Cry” are all the regular activities that cats do in their daily lives. 


Product Details

Hit the Check Out button to download this FREE animated sticker pack for Whatsapp! (Stay tuned for the Telegram animated sticker pack) Includes 15 digital stickers by artist Cat on Steroids from Thailand.

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About the Artist

Name: COS (Cat On Steroids)

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/Him

Age: 2 years old

Hobby: Lifting

Breed: Orange Tabby

COS is not a regular cat; he is a cat on steroids. One night, in the cold winter of December, a lil kitten was lost at the back of a gym. He was weak and that moment, he knew that he was not going to make it. Luckily a heavyweight champion found and rescued him, and the rest is history. COS grew up surrounded by his hero with thick muscles and a veiny body. With such influence and all the heavy sweaty men, COS knew it was his calling to become like them and started lifting weights! Years went by, but he could never get as big as his heroes...until one day while in the locker room, he saw a guy jabbing a needle into his arm. When he realised he was caught, the man told the young COS that it was steroids, but in reality it was crack. COS went onto the Dark Web to order steroids to get himself all nice and big. The first jab changed him forever!!!! His paws became bigger, his jawline became wider and his neck grew another layer. From then onwards, everyone called him...COS: Cat On Steroids.

Artist Country

  • Thailand
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