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Digital Sticker Pack: Panic! at the Fruit Aisle by Ashley Seow

Digital Sticker Pack: Panic! at the Fruit Aisle by Ashley Seow

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You’re shopping for groceries and everything’s good and dandy. You get to the fruit aisle to pick up some bananas for your morning smoothie. Alas! It’s absolute chaos! What seems to be an innocent fruit salad is in actuality a hedonistic flurry of juices and naked fruits that have broken out of their packaging! You slip on a rogue banana skin and black out. You wake up the next morning, remembering nothing, sans morning smoothie. The only thing you know is that despite the droning monotony of everyday, the party is never too far away.

@serohnonin @crisis.mgt

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Hit the Check Out button to download this FREE sticker pack for Telegram and Whatsapp! Includes 10 digital stickers by artist Ashley Seow from Singapore.

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About the Artist

Ashley Seow is a self-taught stick-and-poke tattoo artist and illustrator based in Singapore. Her work explores themes of existentialism, nostalgia, and absurdism. She often examines the relationships between the inner self and the world it navigates. Drawing inspiration from the surrealist movement, the subjects of her work often comprise of illogical proportions as they delve into the realm they're thrown in.

Artist Country

  • Singapore
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