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Digital Sticker Pack: Hapimeel Experience 2020 by Quatro Los Baños

Digital Sticker Pack: Hapimeel Experience 2020 by Quatro Los Baños

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These stickers are inspired by the mundane world we currently live in. Scenes of Quatro living with his dogs, grocery runs, the struggle of inviting friends over for dinner while still in lockdown, newfound hobbies, and other things he never expected to be doing before the pandemic. Life doesn't suck after all.


Product Details

Hit the Check Out button to download this FREE sticker pack for Telegram and Whatsapp! Includes 14 digital stickers by artist Quatro Hapimeel from Philippines.

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About the Artist

Quatro Los Baños is a Filipino multimedia artist based in Makati, who has exhibited at different galleries in Metro Manila, Singapore, and London. He is part of CAVITY COLLECTIVE, a family of Philippines-based urban artists, from whom he learned how to create murals.

While his works borrow heavily from pop culture aesthetics, Quatro is inspired by personal experience: his ever-changing surroundings, and strong emotions from his past. Melancholy, death, nostalgia, and disconnect, all come together to form a compelling contrast with his original smiling heart character. He hopes that his work can represent people who remain strong in the face of tragedy and loss.

Artist Country

  • Philippines
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