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Digital Sticker Pack: Be Friend with Pain by Mahdi Albart

Digital Sticker Pack: Be Friend with Pain by Mahdi Albart

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This sticker collection showcases how Mahdi motivates himself to read and face the realities of today's life. He believes that everything is temporary, and running away from the things that hurt us will only hurt us more. Don't run, face the pain and hurt until we heal. Life’s short, party hard!


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Hit the Check Out button to download this FREE sticker pack for Telegram and Whatsapp! Includes 10 digital stickers by artist Mahdi Albart from Indonesia.

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About the Artist

Mahdi Albart is an Indonesian artist who works in the fields of graphic design, illustration, and painting. His comic book-style illustrations are tinged with positivity – fresh, vibrant, and filled with comedy gold. He takes inspiration from childhood cartoons, skate culture, and 90s pop culture.

Artist Country

  • Indonesia
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